Daily Ritual Candle

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  • Each part of the day has its own purpose. In the mornings we wake up seeking energy and motivation. Afternoons often take a little more effort to find focus. And as evening falls, we welcome the opportunity to slow down and relax. 

    Our new Daily Ritual Candle was inspired by this rhythm. Lemon & Rosemary to motivate in the morning, Cedar & Eucalyptus to promote focus in the afternoon, and Lavender & Amber to add calm to the evening. Your customers will love these alluring scents!

  • Vessel:  recyclable glass and black metal lid, 2.75" W x 3.7" H

    Burn time:  about 40 hours

    Fragrances:  premium fragrances infused with essential oils

    - Morning Motivation:  a fresh blend of lemon zest, rosemary and verbena with a touch of lemongrass to wake up and energize.

    - Afternoon Focus:  cedar, eucalyptus and tonka with a hint of mint to sharpen senses and focus the mind.

    - Evening Calm:   French lavender and Egyptian amber balanced with notes of sage and myrrh to promote calm and relaxation.

    Wax & Wick:  all natural soy and coconut wax with a pure cotton wick.  No dyes or enhancers.

    Our candles are designed for a lifetime of enjoyment... when yours burns low, simply refill with a locally purchased votive or  clean & repurpose as beautiful home decor.

  • Handmade - Each candle is individually handpoured by a woman artisan building a brighter future for herself and her family in the U.S. after living for years as a refugee.

    Sustainable - Prosperity Candle is a certified B-Corp, recognized for its commitment to social and environmental sustainability. We follow fair trade practices and support refugees around the world.

    Ethically Made - We are passionate advocates for ethically made goods and support the fair trade principles of gender equity, respect for the environment, and living wages in our studio.

    Designed for Good - As a social enterprise that prioritizes positive impact over all else, everything we do helps create opportunities for women artisans to thrive. We believe that equal opportunity for women and girls everywhere creates a brighter future for all.