Fragrances for unique soy blend fair trade candles handmade by women refugee artisans for wholesale at Prosperity Candle

We offer a wonderful selection, from soothing and meditative to uplifting, energizing and truly exotic. All made with essential oils.

Our fragrances are listed below by collection.

Burmese Candles

Peace -Tobacco leaf blended with cherrywood, bergamot and notes of cinnamon, clove and amber creates a mellow, slightly sweet wood scent that promotes a sense of peace and tranquility.

Joy - Lime Blossom infused with bergamot and tarragon for a light floral scent eliciting a sense of joy and positivity.

Kindness -Fragrant orange blossoms mingled with water lily and iris combine into a gentle scent engendering kindness.

Compassion -Sandalwood blended with amber and Baltic oakmoss, with a hint of patchouli, evokes feelings of compassion.

Gratitude -Lemon and jasmine blended with cedar, citron and a hint of musk inspires a sense of appreciation and gratitude.

Pioneer Valley Candles

Apiary -To the natural honey note of beeswax we add gentle herbs and a hint of wildflower to create a wonderfully soothing scent.

Tobacco Barn -Inspired by the old tobacco barns of Western Massachusetts, this is a sophisticated blend of dried tobacco leaves and aged cedar with notes of amber and leather, a touch of musk and spice, and pimento berry essential oil.

Happiness Candle

Seaside - A wonderful combination of salty air, dunes topped with beachgrass, ocean water in breaking waves, and warm sand.

Mountain - A refreshing mountaintop breeze carrying the scent of balsam fir, cedarwood and juniper berries that makes the view all the more worthwhile.

Garden -  A gardener's joy, full of roses and geraniums blended with currants, citrus and fresh herbs.

Wet Dog Candles

Blue Fir & Spice  - Fragrant pine needles combined with cedarwood, bright citrus and a touch of spice... the strongest of the WET DOG scents and a fall favorite.

Lemon & Lavender  - A joyful blend of fresh cut lemons & fields of lavender, a combination that not only does the trick, but is also bright and refreshing.

Spearmint & Eucalyptus  - The clean burst of mint softens the strength eucalyptus to create a scent that both tames your dog's wet aroma and awaken your senses!

Celebration Candles

Peace - Tobacco leaf blended with bergamot and notes of cinnamon, clove and amber, creating feelings of peace

Joy - Lime Blossom infused with bergamot and tarragon, a floral scent eliciting a sense of joy

Gratitude - Lemon infused with jasmine, cedar and a hint of musk, inspiring a sense of gratitude 

Holiday Quote Tins (seasonally available)

Blue Fir & Spice -  Fragrant blue fir pine needles combined with cedarwood, bright citrus and a touch of spice evoke the spirit of the holidays.

Chai Tea -  Warm and uplifting, green tea mixed with peppermint leaves, spices and hints of lemon and amber remind you of the best coffeehouse chai.

Cinnamon & Clove -  Strong cinnamon blended with clove, ginger, lemon, orange and nutmeg create this familiar seasonal kitchen scent.

Peppermint Drop -  Strong and spicy peppermint blended with spearmint to create a cool and slightly sweet scent.

Vanilla & Cream -  Pure vanilla bean blended with sweet cream for a classic holiday fragrance.

Blue & White Collection

Waves in Sea Salt + Musk Fragrance -  Crisp and oceanic salt infused with light notes of musk.

Grass in Green Tea -  Classic Green tea with depth, an herbal scent, and a bit of zest to it.

Chrysanthemum in Floral + Suede -  Light floral scents mingled with soft notes of suede..

Blossoms in Blossom + Musk -  Orange blossom and tuberose infused with notes of coconut and musk.

Peony in Amber + Freesia -  Exotic notes of amber, cinnamon, vanilla, myrrh, neroli and patchouli.

Essential ElementsCollection

Energy- Bright and uplifting citrus scent combining neroli and bergamot that energizes and stimulates the senses. 

Perseverance- A seductive and well-balanced medley of Italian mandarin, lemon leaf and oakmoss with a touch of red ginger and lavender. Wonderfully bright and earthy at the same time to keep you going.

Strength- A woody scent of warm spices blended with sandalwood and a hint of patchouli for an enticing and comforting aroma that elicits feelings of strength.

Laughter- Fresh lime, verbena and a hint of coconut, topped with a note of salty ocean air conjurs the feeling of light and carefree moments that produce laughter.

Be Inspired Quote Tins

Amber & Orchid -Rich floral with warm amber and notes of bergamot, clary sage & patchouli.

Chamomile & Sage -Deeply restful chamomile and fresh sage combine in this soothing herbal, creating an atmosphere of calm and well-being.

Lime & Basil -Zesty lime infused with peppery basil and aromatic white thyme offers a refreshing twist on a classic citrus.

Pacific Redwood -Fragrant redwood & cedar blended with a hint of patchouli... like walking through a redwood forest on a warm, sunny day.

Seagrass & Salt Spray -Fresh and clean with notes of eucalyptus and thyme, this scent is reminiscent of mornings walks on quiet beaches.

Year of Inspiration Quote Tins

Antique Sandalwood -Sandalwood & cedar with notes of violet, jasmine and musk.

Awaken (Citrus & Teakwood) -Energizing grapefruit & orange blended with exotic teak wood.

Inspire (Lemongrass & Sage) -Fresh lemongrass & sparkling citrus notes combined with sage.

Lemon & Lavender -A joyful blend of cut lemons & fields of lavender.

Magnolia Blossom -Fragrant magnolia blossoms balanced with notes of sandalwood and amber.

Reflect (Himalayan Bamboo) -Calming union of Himalayan bamboo & rich green florals.

Renew (White Tea & Ginger) -Subtle white tea infused with gentle notes of ginger, citrus & jasmine.

Sea Mist -Clean & fresh, reminiscent of a light ocean breeze.

Spearmint & Basil -Energizing spearmint grounded with a touch of basil.

Tea Infusion (Citrus & White Tea) -Orange and lemon essential oils blended with white tea.

Unwind (Chamomile & Lavender) -Soothing blend of chamomile with a touch of lavender, orange & cedar.

Verbena -Verbena & lemon zest join to create this vibrant citrus floral.

Springtime Quote Tins

Amber & Bergamot - Warm and inviting, amber and   bergamot combined with subtle notes of geranium, black cardamom, sandalwood and  eucalyptus.

Clementine & Lavender - Clementine mingles with French Lavender in this calming and cleansing scent, balanced with hints of bergamot and lemon.

Grapefruit & White Floral - Wonderfully complex, grapefruit blended with lily, peony, geranium and rose, with base notes of amber and musk.

Jasmine & Amaranth -  Both soothing and revitalizing, jasmine with amaranth flowers creates a gentle version of this centuries-old favorite.

Wisteria & Honeysuckle - A familiar hallmark of springtime, blooming wisteria and honeysuckle fill the room with a sense of joy.

Summer Quote Tins

Driftwood -  Sandalwood and cedar, blended with vanilla bean and warmed with musk and a touch of clover leaf and patchouli.

French Lime Blossom - Lime Blossom infused with bergamot and tarragon for a light floral scent.

Mediterranean Fig -  A slightly earthy scent that is less sweet than other fig fragrances, with hints of orange, grapefruit, lemon and patchouli.

Moroccan Mint -  A gentle and slightly fruity mint with light peppermint and spearmint, notes of pineapple and jasmine, atop a base of musk.

Ocean Breeze -  Clean and buoyant, a hint of ocean atop a joyful blend of water lilies and freesia for a truly uplifting experience.

Aleppo Peace Tin

Chamomile & Sage -Deeply restful chamomile and fresh sage combine in this soothing herbal, creating an atmosphere of calm and well-being.

Unscented -Completely fragrance-free.