We offer a wonderful selection, from soothing and meditative
to uplifting, energizing and truly exotic. All made with essential oils.

Let us know if you are interested in private label
and custom fragrances for your store and events!


New Spring 2017 Fragrances

Amber & Bergamot - Warm and inviting, amber and bergamot combined with subtle notes of geranium, black cardamom, sandalwood and eucalyptus.

Clementine & Lavender - Clementine mingles with French Lavender in this calming and cleansing scent, balanced with hints of bergamot and lemon.

Grapefruit & White Floral - Wonderfully complex, grapefruit blended with lily, peony, geranium and rose, with base notes of amber and musk.

Jasmine & Amaranth - Both soothing and revitalizing, jasmine with amaranth flowers creates a gentle version of this centuries-old favorite.

Wisteria & Honeysuckle - A familiar hallmark of springtime, blooming wisteria and honeysuckle fill the room with a sense of joy.


Signature Scents

Chamomile & Sage - Deeply restful chamomile and fresh sage combine in this soothing herbal, creating an atmosphere of calm and well-being.

Lime & Basil - Zesty lime infused with peppery basil and aromatic white thyme offers a refreshing twist on a classic citrus.

Ocean Breeze - Clean and buoyant, a hint of ocean atop a joyful blend of water lilies and freesia for a truly uplifting experience.

Orange Blossom - Fragrant orange blossoms mingle with water lily and iris flowers above a base note of vetiver to create this delightfully elegant floral.

Pacific Redwood - Fragrant redwood & cedar blended with a hint of patchouli... like walking through a redwood forest on a warm, sunny day.

Sandalwood & Oakmoss - The warmth of sandalwood blended with Baltic oakmoss, a touch of amber, and hint of patchouli.

Seagrass & Salt Spray - Clean and buoyant with notes of eucalyptus and thyme, this fresh fragrance is joyfully reminiscent of morning walks on quiet beaches.


Available by Special Order

Amber & Orchid - Rich floral with warm amber and notes of bergamot, clary sage & patchouli.

Antique Sandalwood - Sandalwood & cedar with notes of violet, jasmine and musk.

Black Currant Tea - White tea infused with black currant and soft floral notes.

Blue Fir & Spice - Fragrant blue fir needles combined with cedarwood, bright citrus and a touch of spice evoke the spirit of the holidays.

Chai Tea - Our new seasonal favorite, this cozy blend of green tea and peppermint leaves with a touch of spice will remind you of an artsy coffee shop.

Cinnamon Stick & Clove - Whole cinnamon sticks with clove and a hint of nutmeg.

Feng Shui - A walk through your favorite botanical garden with its rich bounty of green earth scents, promoting healing and nurturing energy throughout your home.

Ginger & Verbena - An intriguing note of ginger root blended with the citrusy brightness of verbena.

Lavender - For those who simply love it.

Lemon & Lavender - A joyful blend of cut lemons & fields of lavender.

Lemon & Orange Peel - Lemon and orange with a hint of lime for a refreshing citrus.

Magnolia Blossom - Fragrant magnolia blossoms balanced with notes of sandalwood and amber.

Milk & Honey - A delightfully inviting blend of light cream with a touch of honey, filling your home with a gentle feeling of warmth and welcome.

Peppermint Drop - Peppermint sprigs that are cooling and slightly sweet.

Red Currant - A vibrant combination of tart red currants with gentle notes of rose and jasmine produces this perfectly balanced, not-sweet berry fragrance.

Rose Garden - An English garden captured in this blend of briar roses & wild flowers.

Rosemary & Mint - A perfect balance of these two herbs, not dominated by either.

Sea Mist - Clean & fresh, reminiscent of a light ocean breeze.

Spearmint & Basil - Energizing spearmint grounded with a touch of basil.

Tea Infusion - Orange and lemon blended with white tea.

Vanilla & Cream - Pure vanilla bean blended with sweet cream for a classic.

Verbena - Verbena & lemon zest join to create this vibrant citrus floral.

Vetiver - Slightly nutty vetiver grass is balanced with clean floral notes.


Awaken - Energizing grapefruit & orange blended with exotic teak wood.

Inspire - Fresh lemongrass & sparkling citrus notes combined with sage.

Reflect - Calming union of Himalayan bamboo & rich green florals.

Renew - Subtle white tea infused with gentle notes of ginger, citrus & jasmine.

Unwind - Soothing blend of chamomile with a touch of lavender, orange & cedar.



Sometimes simple candlelight is best. We make completely fragrance-free candles as well!