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Interested in your own branded candle for 2024?

We specialize in creating private label (white label) candles that are uniquely yours. With over 10 years of experience crafting custom branded designs, we offer handmade candles that reflect your aesthetic with the largest selection of fragrances, distinctive packaging and a simple process.  

Contact us about your interest in private label candles.

Private Label Candle Custom Design Branded Candle

Your brand, your style, your scents

A key advantage of working with us is scent selection. While other candle-makers offer options from a limited fragrance menu, we know how important getting scent right is to your brand. We take great pride in finding the perfect match for you and your customers.

With over 250 clean burning fragrances in our studio and 600 more in our library, we research and combine fragrances to match the scent profiles you seek, then send you a customized set of samples to review. Our clients love this personalized approach and tell us no one else offers the selection and expertise we do.

Our philosophy is it's your brand, your style, your scents. No one should be limited to a menu.

Opening order is 500 candles with low minimums on reorders. For more information,  tell us about your private label interest and we will take it from there!

  Custom Screen Printed Glass Candle Private Label Candles

Simple Start to Creating your private label candle

If this is your first custom branded candle and you'd like quick delivery, we can help. Simply choose a vessel, select your fragrances, and send us your logo.

Our graphic designer will create a custom candle label for you and we'll begin pouring your candles. Typical lead time is 3 weeks, depending on your project. For re-orders of the same design, we offer quick turnaround with no additional fees.

Contact us  about creating your own branded candles. 

Private Label Candles Branded Candles Custom Design Candles

More Options, Highly Customizable

Have a special vessel in mind? Need screen printing? Ready to send us your own fragrance, labels and packaging?

We work with clients however best meets their needs. Any component you choose to provide lowers your cost. You can ship your own distinctive vessels to our warehouse so they are always on-hand for orders. Same with proprietary fragrance and custom printed labels and packaging. 

Contact us for more information on we work with brands providing their own private label candle components.

Because we are adamant about safety and candle performance, vessels and scents sent by clients are tested before we begin. We ask for samples and information about fragrance ingredients, then pour test candles for a low flat fee of $65.

Distinctive vessel custom packaging private label white label candles

Careful attention to detail...

If you have a particular wax and wick type in mind, we'll develop a custom recipe for you. Our primary waxes are coconut, soy and beeswax with others available. We use natural cotton and sustainably harvested wood wicks. 

Please note that to ensure clean-burning candles, we do not use dyes or scent enhancers. Since what goes into a candle ends up your customers' homes, we take great care with the quality and safety of our ingredients.

Distinctive packaging

From beautiful, custom-printed boxes to simple cello bags with hand-tied raffia ribbon, we've done it all. We partner with both digital and offset printers, have low-cost blank boxes to which we can affix custom labels, and offer distinctive candle covers with your branding for that extra touch.

Whether you are looking for simple inexpensive packaging or unique luxury boxes, we've got you covered!

Custom packaging private label candles

Why choose Prosperity Candle for your Private Label Needs

Creating unique candle designs that are ethically and sustainably made is the essence of our mission. All our candles are handcrafted in our studio in Western Massachusetts using only quality, clean burning ingredients. We focus on providing exceptional service and attention to detail helps makes your brand shine.

Questions?  Give us a call at (413) 203-5444 or simply complete the form below.

  • Handmade in the U.S.
  • Largest selection of clean burning, phthalate-free scents plus pure essential oils
  • Choice of vessel, wax and wick
  • Your branding on labels and packaging
  • Low minimum quantity
  • Provide your own components for lower cost
  • Short lead time, fast delivery
  • Exceptional quality and service