Elevating the Visitor Experience with Custom Candles

April 24, 2024

Elevating the Visitor Experience with Custom Candles

In the picturesque landscapes of national parks and the charming ambience of historic inns, custom designed candles are a sought-after item in gift shops, visitor centers and tourist stores. Candles that are unique to a travel destination do more than illuminate… they enhance a guest’s experience, capture memories, and serve as perfect take-home gifts and souvenirs.

Whether a nature reserve or historic site, resort spa or hotel shop, candles that highlight what is special and wonderful about a place make an ideal keepsake. Why sell any candle when you can offer customers something unique with exclusive scents to match?

The Essence of a Place, Captured in a Candle

National and state parks are revered for their natural beauty. Historic inns, guest houses, and destination resorts have a story to tell. Imagine capturing the essence of a fog-laden Shenandoah morning, the crisp freshness of Glacier wilderness, or the aromatic pine forests of Yosemite in a candle. How about the classic ambiance of the colonial era rooms, the beachy vibe of an island retreat? Or the warmth and welcome of a backcountry lodge.

By infusing candles with scents inspired by a place, we make it possible for visitors to take home their experience and share with friends and family. Our extensive library contains over 600 premium fragrances and essential oils that we custom blend to create unique, bespoke scents for each client. With custom designed labels and easy ordering, our natural wax candles are the perfect gift and souvenir to enjoy favorite moments long after a visit.

Custom Handmade Eco-Friendly Candles

All of our candles are made with sustainable soy and coconut waxes, natural cotton wicks, and recyclable vessels in an energy-efficient studio in western Massachusetts. To ensure a clean burn, we never add dyes or scent enhancers, and all our fragrances and essential oils are phthalate-free. Every candle is handmade by artisans using U.S. sourced ingredients and shipped directly from our studio to you. We also offer companion products like reed diffusers, room sprays and bath salts.

With a variety of styles and sizes, unlimited scent options, low minimum order quantity (and even lower re-order MOQ), available screen printing, and custom labels and packaging, we make it easy to create your own branded candle line.

And every product we make is not only eco-friendly, it also gives back. Through the International Medical Corps, we help provide food, medicine and shelter to refugee families around the world. As a majority women-owned small enterprise, Prosperity Candle has been B Corp certified for social and environmental sustainability for over a decade.

Boost Sales with Memorable Merchandise

Visitor centers, hotel and resort stores, and tourist shops thrive on offering products that are unique to a location. Custom designed candles are the perfect product to capture the essence of a place and make an easy souvenir or gift purchase.

If you are interested in exploring custom candles for your store, give us a call or fill in this form. We offer custom private label candles, diffusers and room sprays that are handmade, eco-friendly and give back:

  • National and state parks
  • Historic inns, resorts and spas, lodges and hotels
  • Visitor centers, nature and conservation shops
  • Natural landmarks, monuments and museum stores
  • Clothing, fashion and lifestyle brands