Custom Brand Scents For Private Label Candle Development I Prosperity Candle

March 24, 2023

Custom Brand Scents For Private Label Candle Development I Prosperity Candle

How To Develop A Custom Brand Scent For Private Label Candles

When it comes to creating a custom candle collection for your brand, every aspect is important. You want the vessel to reflect your aesthetic. The label and packaging to match your branding. And the ingredients should be as clean as you would have in your own home.

But more than anything else, the scents have to be perfect. In a beautifully crafted custom candle, fragrance reflects the essence of your brand. It must be unique to you, alluring to your customers, and so distinctive that everyone returns to purchase.

That is why we focus so intently on your brand's scents, and the reason so many clients prefer working with Prosperity Candle. Anyone can get the vessel, label and packaging right... but if the scents are not what you imagined, your candles will ultimately disappoint both you and your customers.

The Little Market private label candle by Prosperity Candle


Working with Prosperity Candle to Develop Your Brand Scent

Where most candle-makers ask you to choose from a limited menu, we offer over 250 luxury fragrances in our studio plus 600 more in our library. And because we can blend fragrances to enhance or add a note you seek, the possibilities are limitless. Want a hint of fig? Stronger bergamot? A note of sandalwood? We can do it.

Our philosophy is it's your brand, your style, your scents. No one should be limited to a menu. Our clients love this personalized approach and tell us no one else offers the selection and expertise we do.

Of course, we recognize that the prospect of sorting through hundreds of nuanced fragrances is overwhelming. That’s why we start by asking what you like… which scents inspire you, the fragranced products you enjoy, and just as importantly – what you don’t like. It’s as simple as emailing us descriptions or links and we’ll research the closest matches, blending fragrances as needed. Then we send you a set of samples to review. The end result is a collection of candles truly customized to your brand.

Match Scents to Your Products

Have an existing product you want to match a candle to? No problem! Send a sample and we'll get to work. We delve into our extensive library to create a fragrance that closely matches everything from specialty spirits to skin care products to CBD salves. It’s fun and completely unique to Prosperity Candle.

Or, if you are ready to work directly with a fragrance house to develop a proprietary scent, we’ll connect you. These US-based producers can craft custom scents based on a sample or the descriptions you provide, all Prop 65 compliant and phthalate-free. It’s a relatively small upfront investment to ensure you are getting exactly what you want in a custom candle.

Unique Candles for Private Label Candle Collection

Your vessel or ours?

Once you’ve selected your candle scents, it’s time to pick a vessel. Prosperity Candle offers a range of glass, ceramic and travel tin containers, along with a selection of other vessels.

We also regularly source specific designs for our clients. Over the years we’ve poured candles into every material you can image, including concrete, stone and coconut shells. As long as a vessel is safe, watertight and can withstand the heat of a candle, it should work. Of course, we always test first.

Have something else in mind? Many of our clients send their own vessels which we are happy to store in our warehouse, ready for quick turnaround orders. This is ideal for unique or proprietary vessels, or simply to lower your cost. We remove the vessel portion of your wholesale pricing, and charge only a small monthly fee for storage.

Custom label candle beautiful candle label design

Design a beautiful candle label

We’ve helped our clients create every style of candle label conceivable… any shape, texture or color. With or without graphics. If you’re just getting started, send us your logo and we can suggest ideas or refer you to a graphic designer. If you already have your labels designed with print-ready files, we’ll send them to a local printer.

And if your labels are done, send them our way! As with your own vessels and fragrance, we remove any component you provide from your wholesale pricing.

Let’s talk candle packaging

Packaging is about presentation and how customers experience your brand. If you have a physical store, you may prefer to display your branded candles without a gift box so customers can smell each scent in your collection. To keep your candles clean, we offer vessels with lids, custom designed dust covers with your branding, and clear cello bags with raffia ties. We can also source cotton drawstring bags screen printed with your logo.

Prefer a gift box? We work with several printers offering custom designed candle boxes with low minimums at a reasonable price. Or we can provide blank boxes with custom labels or sleeves with your branding. And of course you can send us your own candle packaging.

Ready to get started?

If you're ready to create a custom candle collection for your brand and develop your signature scent, give us a call today at 413-203-5444. Or simply answer a few quick questions and we'll get started!


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