Nesting Haiti Rubble Candleholders

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    Lighting a brighter future for Haiti, these unique concrete candleholders are designed to be placed in a myriad of arrangements, from circles to random combinations. Made with rubble from the 2010 earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince, they include brushed aluminum inserts that are easily refilled with any votive candle.

    Working in Haiti since 2006, we felt compelled to create a series that symbolizes light out of darkness. Designed and handmade in partnership with concrete studio Stone Soup, 10% of proceeds are jointly donated to support women entrepreneurs and civic leaders in Haiti. Made to order, please allow 15 days to make and ship.

    Sold in sets with two heights: 3" and 3.3". Each holder includes a hand-poured candle that burns 15 hours (easily refilled with any votive).

    To learn about Stone Soup, click on the artist tab above. For candle details, click on the details tab. Please also take a moment to read our post about this unique candle.

    Arrives gift boxed with story card about Stone Soup, Prosperity Candle, our joint initiative, and the woman who poured your candle.



    Stone Soup, Easthampton MA

    Concrete is an essential part of our world. Modernity would not be so without it. At Stone Soup, we are bringing concrete in from the cold. Fusing metal and stone, structural strength with a tactile softness, the concrete we make can cement disparate elements into fully human and humane design.

    For the Haiti Rubble Series, we take the large blocks brought to us and break them down into smaller pieces, then pulverize and screen them - all by hand, a slow process that results in a highly uniform material. We then combine the Haitian concrete with local aggregate of similar color, several binders, and glass fibers to increase strength and lightness.

    This mixture is poured into molds we've designed and built, then cured for 2-3 days. Upon removal, we finish the candle holders with a protective coating and add clear rubber feet to the bottoms.

    No two are exactly the same due to the rubble we receive, which may contain tile and other elements. Each time we handle the rubble, we are acutely aware of its origin and the tragedy that befell Haiti, particularly Port-au-Prince. We think about the lives lost, and hope these candles help keep their memory alive and contribute to a brighter future for Haitians.

    Stone Soup is located in the heart of Massachusetts´ Pioneer Valley in an old factory building repurposed as a home to sculptors, woodworkers, glass artists, printmakers, weavers and our partners in this unique and inspiring project, Prosperity Candle.



    Wax:  soy blend candle with cotton wick, no dyes or enhancers

    Fragrance:  essential oil based (visit Fragrances for full descriptions)

    Burn time:  each full insert burns up to 15 hours, easily refilled with any votive

    Vessel:  aluminum insert in concrete holder, handmade with combination of Haitian rubble and fiberglass for strength with lightness

    Dimensions:  4.5"W x 3"H and 4.5"W x 3.3"H

    Gift Box:  Arrives gift boxed with story card about Stone Soup, Prosperity Candle, our joint initiative, and the woman who made the candle



    Fair Trade - We are a proud member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

    Handmade - All our candles are handpoured by women artisans, most by women refugees creating new lives for themselves and their families in the United States. Many of our vessels are handcrafted by women artisans from around the world.

    Sustainable - Prosperity Candle is a certified B-Corp, recognized for its commitment to social and environmental sustainability by B-Lab's 2015 Best for the World list.

    Designed for Good - We are a social enterprise that prioritizes positive impact over profit, ensuring everything we do helps create opportunities for women to thrive.